Calculating Stock Balance After Issue and Return

Hello , I am trying to create a base to track stock items.

basically i have 4 sheets

stock issue - to records all issued items by employee

stock return - to record all returned items by employee

item list - a list of all computers available.

employee list - a list of employee with records on items issued and returned.

i have use look up to list out the items issued and items returned.

However, I am having problem finding out the balance items that is yet to returned. In this example, we can see that Mary has UPS-35 and CPU-19 yet to return. Are we able to create a column to list these items?

May i know if there is any formula which i can use to acheive it?

A simple solution is to combine “Stock Issue” and “Stock Return” into a single table. With columns:

  • Record No
  • Name
  • Department
  • Issue Date
  • Return Date

In this table, you can create a view with filter “Return Data is empty” and group it by “Name”. In this way, you can easily get items yet to return.

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