Calculations with calculated fields

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I am using Airtable right now but for some reasons I would like to change to Seatable. I tried to rebuild some of my bases but I am struggling with one point.


Items belong to tasks that belong to projects.
I sum up a value from all items in tasks. That works great. So next to each Task is the sum of the duration from all items (that belong to this task) I want to do the same in projects because 1 project has many tasks. I sum up all the durations that I calculated before in task that belongs to a project. The number is always 0. For me it seems like we can not do calculations on values that are calculated before. Is that right and if yes, is there a workaround?

And maybe two little questions in regards to licensing:
The 2000 free lines for free accounts is for each base or the sum?
Can a free and a plus account work together when the table has more than 2000 lines?

BR from Hamburg

Welcome to SeaTable! I am pleased to hear about your intention to migrate to SeaTable.

I’ll try my best to show you that SeaTable is the better alternative to Airtable!

I tried to reproduce your structure in a base. Is this what you try to accomplish:

Sure, my demo base is most limited in terms of columns and content. Your tables will be much more populated. But for a proof of concept, this minimal demo is sufficient. And: as you can see, what you try to do is definitely possible.

How did I do it? I used a rollup formula in the Tasks and Projects table. The screenshot below shows the specification of the link formula column in the Projects table.

As for your questions on SeaTable Cloud:

  • The free subscription includes 2.000 rows total. (But you have a nice surprise for all Free subscribers that we’ll announce shortly.)
  • Plus subscribers can share bases with Free users. No problem. Use an invite link for that. Important: Within one team, all members have the same subscription status, that is either Free, Plus oder Enterprise.

Hope this helps!


thanks for your great answer. I looked up my tables but it still did not work. I played a bit around and it seems to be a problem that the first duration is also a calculation by two dates and pause time dateDif({From},{To})-{Break}. If I write the duration directly it works but when adding a new table „customer“ and a project can have a Customer, it again does not work in customer. So you can only calculate on calculations two times in a row I think. Am I Right with this?

I can live with that so far. Maybe I write a script that is doing the calculations, Is it possible to trigger a script after updating a row?

Nevertheless this kind of software seems for me really like a game changer in some areas. I was thinking about having a look at the api the next days if it could be a use case for building a whole backend for a online shop or mobile app with it. Maybe the Authentication is the problem for this but maybe in the future…
The advance is that you directly have a backend tthat is easy to use and do not have to build table views and forms for data entry your self.


It feels like that you can calculate based on a ca

This is a known limitation in version 2.2. A good news is that it will be removed in version 2.3.

Great :slight_smile: Seems like release does not take to much time.

In general. Thanks for your help @all.

Glad to hear from you. I’m marking the answer of Daniel as the solution.

One more good news: We will soon release a script to help users migrating from Airtable to SeaTable easily.

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Nice :slight_smile: So I will wait a little bit.

I just added a new Base to calculate travel expenses. Works pretty good :slight_smile: I am really impressed.

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