Calendar and timeline plugin do not accept calculated date values!?

Hello everyone,
I have calculated date values in my table. Example start date + duration. The formula column is selectable in the settings of the calender or timeline plugin but is not displayed. The format setting of the formula column says that the result is of type date. Can I assign the result of the formula column directly to a column of the type date? Or how can I fix this problem?

Screenshot 2024-04-26 125724_2

Another problem is that when I subtract days, the end date is no longer correct when selecting in the calendar or timeline plugin. Chronologically, the end date should then be the start date. Any idea how to solve this?
Unfortunately, I have values in my table that are chronologically correct and others where the start and end dates are chronologically reversed.

You’re right, the formula field can be selected, but nothing is displayed, we’ll take a look at it.

Please describe the second part in more detail (what does the formula look like, etc. …), otherwise it is difficult for me to understand and reproduce. Especially when you say it sometimes occurs and sometimes not.

Please change the date format to ISO or US. The plugin seems to have problem with dates in European/German format.

This logic must be taken account of in the base. Use two formula columns and check if the end date is before the start date, if yes, invert the start date - end date sequence.

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