Can I group a multiple select this way?


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I have a list of tasks and a multiple select that shows the responsible division(s), sometimes several divisions are responsible, sometimes just one. Now I would like to create a view that groups all tasks by division. But when I do that it groups tasks with more than one selection as a separate group instead of showing it in both groups. So a task that Division A and B are responsible for is not shown in the grouping for division A and B twice but a separate group is created for all tasks that Division A AND B are responsible for. Is there any way to change that or an alternative I can use?

I don’t want to create a separate view for each division, since they are quite a lot.

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Hi Anna,

You could create another table where you list the divisions.
Then you create a link between the two tables and assign the corresponding divisions to the tasks.
In the division table you see the corresponding tasks per division, and you can now group by division.

I hope this suggestion helps you.

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Thank you that works, but the view in the Division table is now very limited. I have to click into every task to see the details. Is there a way to expand the information shown somehow without clicking through the measures?

Could you please send me a screenshot, so i know exactly what you mean?

Thank you but no need anymore, boss is happy as is :slight_smile:

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