Can I use the automated sum of a column to trigger a notification

I have a number column in my table.
With every new row, the sum is displayed automatically in SeaTable, which is really nice. But it would help me a lot if I could use this sum to trigger a notification.
Use case: My entries have a number column for available free spots in a competiton, either 1 or 2. If the sum of all available spots reaches 12, I would like to get notified. Is that in any way possible?

It would also be helpful to use this number for further calculation. Is this anyhow possible?

Hello Jochen,

for your application example, a sum must be calculated and a notification sent via automation when 12 members are reached.
At this time, it is unfortunately not possible to run automations on formula or link columns.

You can add your idea to

But there is a possibility to solve the problem with a script. The script would be executed by automation and the participants per competiton would be calculated and written into a table.

If you want further information about this, feel free to let me know.

Kind regards,

to calculate a sum, you need to create another table, create a link (via Link to other records), insert a column of type link formula, with the functions rollup and sum.
With this calculated value, you can easily do further calculations.

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