Can viewers leave comments?

Hello dear Seatable creators. I am a current Airtable user, actively looking for an alternative. My main question now is whether it is possible to give guest access with commenting rights to non-paid users?

Hello, welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

And yes, it is possible - for users outside your organization.
To do this:

  1. Your guest registers a free account at Register now for the SeaTable Cloud.
  2. You send them a read-only Invite Link.
  3. They can read the base and leave comments for each row.
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Thank you for your reply!
It is very important for me that the commentators can only see and comment what they are allowed to see and comment.

Can Advanced sharing permissions help me to achieve this? Is it possible to share only a portion of a table for people to comment? So that I do not need to send out read-only Invite Links to the whole table.

You are welcome!

Advanced Sharing Permissions allow you to share only a view of a table to external users, that is possible. In a specific view, you can filter out rows, group rows and hide columns, etc, so making it possible to share only a portion of your table.

But - views can only be shared via external link at the moment (if the user is outside of your team/organization). As external links are considered for “anonymous users”, it is therefore not possible for them to leave comments.

Anyway, SeaTable is growing at a fast pace, and this feature could be added in the very near future!