Can we have different subscriptions for different users of the same team?

Can we have a Plus subscription for some team members and enterprise subscriptions for other members of the same team?

The subscription applies to the team. In other words, a team - and hence all users in the team - is either Free, Plus or Enterprise.

Perhaps esmaeli means that the users within a particular subscription type should be treated differently.

The admin of a base will be using it much more often than someone who only uses it a little. So, I use it every day and check every day, but other people I work with might only need to access SeaTable once a month or even less.

To pay the same license fee for such people as is paid for my license does not make good economic sense.

And “fortunately” you provide a way around that: by getting them to set up their own accounts and sharing the base with them as external parties. In such a situation, you lose out more on revenue than necessary.

We would be happy to pay for each person, but at the moment we cannot afford multiples of the same 1-year license amount. Perhaps single-digit amounts (4.99, for example) charged on a monthly basis with the option of cancelling from month to month. This would allow us to expand and shrink the number of users as needed during the course of the year. I would be happy if their permissions were also limited as such users do not need (and it would not be good) to have extensive rights.