Cannot reduce rows

I have too much row and want to delete some of them but somehow nothing is working. Is there a work around without upgrade the plan?


“You exceed the limit of your plan. You can either reduce the rows used or upgrade your plan to have full access again.”

Hi Andy,

so you are saying that you select rows and click on delete rows, but the command is not executed? Am I understanding you correctly?

Normally there is an option to delete the row. But this is not visible anymore. Please see pic

When you exceed the row limit, your bases become read-only. This is why you cannot delete rows.

You can delete the base though.

So delete the whole base because of exceeding a few row? That sounds like forcing to a pay plan.
What about to delete only the sheet, also no possible?

You imply bad intentions where there are none.

You can delete any base to bring down the row count. It does not have to be the base which pushed you over the limit.

Is this a general rule or only for users of the free plan?

As a rule, when a plan’s limits are exceeded, the bases become read-only. In Enterprise, there is no row limit.

Thanks for your swift reply.

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