Can't add python library

Hello everyone, before the new python pipeline architecture, I was able to add python librairies by modifying the python runner image. But now, even if when I enter the container the librairies are successfully installed, I can’t use them in my scripts. There was maybe a solution on the Seatable Admin Manual, but the Github link isn’t working.

Edit: It seems, the custom python runner I made is running constantly, but when I execute a script, another container is used, and I can’t find the conf file who launch another container. And I don’t understand why Seatable would not use one config file to define both containers

Edit 2: Sorry for editing and reversing, each time I test something I think to understand, but no, Seatable is actually using two different python runner, and if I delete the image, it will pull it again, I can’t find which file tells it do so

The used image is defined in the python-pipeline.yml. There you can replace the used docker image.

I will update the manual in the next days.

I edited another line, this line is still like yours, and it works, I just did not reboot Seatable, that is why my modifications weren’t taken into account

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