Can't customize columns after import dtable?


I can’t change column widths of customize column types in my sheet. I don’t have my view locked and still can’t change these things. I have the impression this started after exporting my Base to dtable format and imported it again as a new base.

Rather fuzzy description, so if you want me to test something let me know.


Have you refreshed the page using CTRL + F5? Have you restarted your browser?

Is it only this one base or all?

If nothing helps, you can send your file to

Yes tried to refresh, restarted browser, logout/in. Nothing helps. I am Owner of the base, should have all rights. The second table in my base doesn’t have these problems. Feels like the “lock” won’t turn off.

How do I send the file to support? As an exported dtable file, or share the base?


oooohhhhhh, I am so stupid!
I totally missed the lock icon on header level. The lock item on view level had my focus, but the lock on the header was the problem. I feel so stupid. Sorry for wasting your time! Won’t happen again!


No problem, feel free to ask any questions here! Self-critisism is not allowed on SeaTable Forum :wink: