Can't login after upgrade

Hi, recently tried to upgrade 4.1 to 4.3 on SeaTable Enterprise. We are using Nginx as Reverse proxy.

After upgrading, i restarted SeaTable and tried to login, but got the CSRF protection problem. I thought this is because there’s a “new installation method for 4.3”, so i followed the instructions and also the extra-upgrade notices ( Switch Installation Method (v4.3) - SeaTable Admin Manual , Extra Upgrade Notices - SeaTable Admin Manual )

Containers are starting without error. Disabled caddy in .env (as we are using nginx). Restarted everything.

SeaTable is now starting but we can’t login anymore. (Error: Falsches Konto oder Passwort / Wrong account or password). “Forgot Password” function is also not working.

How can we get access into our SeaTable again? any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hey dan87,

here are some hints to solve this problem:

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