Capabilities and System Limitations

Hello. I decided to try using the platform as an alternative to my database, which I manage in Excel. Why do I need this? My Excel database is very large and has almost reached the program’s limit, containing 900,000 rows and 15 columns of data. Using MySQL and other database management systems isn’t suitable for me, as it requires specific knowledge that I lack, but is very simple and understandable. I liked everything in the free version, which has a limit of 10,000 rows. However, when I paid for the Enterprise package and started transferring my data, I encountered limitations that were very disappointing and made it impossible to use for my tasks.
1 - Import limitations. 50,000 rows is very little. To transfer my entire database, I need to divide it into 18 parts and repeat the import procedure 18 times!!!
2 - Big data. What’s the point if the service archives this data and it becomes unavailable for editing???

I need to be able to import large data sets and update data through the import of only unique or changed values, which is not possible due to the limitations of

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or is the service indeed not suitable for these tasks? Is there a way to adjust the service’s limitations on an individual basis for my tasks?

Please help me.

You can import 500k rows in one go into the big data backend.

If you don’t understand how the big data backend works, the SeaTable Forum is not the right place. I invite you to read up on the possibilities and mechanics of the big data backend in the SeaTable User Manual: Introduction to the possibilities of Big Data - SeaTable

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