Cascading columns

I need the option to have cascading colums defined also on multiselect, do you have an idea for a workaround until it hopefully functions in standard?

I have multiple topic categories and each category has multiple choice detailed options.
The “Level 2” is always exactly linked to 1 category and can only be chosen, if that category is chosen in the respective column. I now need to allow to choose more than 1 category and then the respective sum of options on Level 2 should be available in the dependent (cascading) column.

Is this by any chance on the roadmap? And as said, would appreciate if anyone knows a workaround, without me having to define a separate column per category.

Cascading for multiple selection columns is not planned.

Is it possible to work with Link to other records and Link formula columns with conditions?

link to other records is not an option in my view, as it leads to additional complexity and potentially multi level maintenance, for the fixed combination a concatinated field would then also be needed, as far as my logic would go. Might have to go with multiple colums then for the Level 2 component and concatinate that, for one entry, but will test and see if that is an option.
Multiselect cascading would be the most logical option for the future, as it has the same logic as single select in the dependency, just that more than 1 dependency needs to be considered in the second column.

Unfortunately, there is no good workaround for your requirement.

Multiple select cascading has been request before, but it is not a priority topic.

Please add it as a feature request at If many others agree wiht you about its importance, then we may prioritize it.

I have raised it here: SeaTable Feature Requests Board

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