Change MySQL/MariaDB Root Password

When I setup SeaTable I used a MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD that contains special characters, thinking I was being smart making it extra secure. I’m trying to setup automated backups using the Admin Manual instructions and I’m running into issues with the special characters when I include them in the command. I’d like to change the MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD to alpha numeric but I’m not an SQL person and have no idea where to start. I assume it’s not as simple as just changing in the Docker Compose YAML? Can someone please point me to the best way to do this?

All the tutorials I’ve found on this topic start off with “systemctl stop mysql” but the seatable-mysql container doesn’t appear to use systemctl, so I’m a bit lost on this now.

I assume I then just need to update all the SeaTable configs with the new password and everything will work fine? No other tricks I should be aware of? Thanks in advance.

No, mysql is run in a docker container (which you start with docker-compose up -d). To manage the container, you cannot use systemctl. You must use the command line tool docker COMMAND.

Hence, you must access the docker container (docker exec -it seatable-mysql bash) and then change the password. This should explain how: How To Reset Your MySQL or MariaDB Root Password | DigitalOcean

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @rdb. I got confused by the systemctl but now I understand. Hopefully this is helpful for others too. :slight_smile:


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