Cloud to on-premise Base transfer

Hi. I am currently playing with the web version of SeaTable, but obviously I am very curious as to what it is like to have it self-hosted (it is indeed a very unique feature!) My question is - how do I transfer my data from the cloud to my own server? Is it as easy as plain export/import ??(somewhere on the forum i’ve read that exported bases can’t be larger than 100mb though).

Hi Dimitri,
glad to hear that you like the self-hosted option.
The easy route to migrate from cloud to on-premises is indeed via exporting bases (in DTABLE-files) and reimporting them in your cloud instance.
I am not aware of any file size limits. I’d have to check that.

the question of 100mb imitation was raised in this entry: Export Base larger than 100mb

@daniel.pan Could you comment?

There is a limit of 100MB. You can delete some attachments before exporting to if your base reaching the limit.