Collaborator column in app does not show all users

During the creation of a new app, we experienced another issue.

In the draft view of the app, we can choose all employees in the employee column. However, as soon as we are in the App view, only one employee (not myself) is chooseable.
All employees of the current project are already signed to a role in the User and role management of the universal app and should by design be able to be edited.

We’ll look into the issue.

I took the liberty of modifing the title of the topic to reflect the content of the post.

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Also it might be, that users get erased from the base, when they were added in the app and the app gets deleted.

Selecting other users in universal apps does not supported currently. Currently, only users that already presented in some records the current user can see can be selected.

In most cases, an app user should not see other users to avoid data leak (think that you are building a custom portal app).

We have a plan to let the app builder to specify which collaborators be loaded and can be selected in a later version.

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