Column type "password"

Hello Seatable Team,
thank you for your consistently good quality and the new features you deliver in version 2.0! :hearts:

In medias res:
I would like to ask you if you could consider a new field type in the development for the next minor Seatable update?

I miss the function to be able to save passwords. A column type that is not human readable and whose content can not be copied but manually changed and against which you can test input.

I think you would definitely awaken slumbering potential of your product, as there are also a large number of REST developers waiting for it.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the thumbs up! Appreciated!

Your idea is interesting. We’ll discuss it internally.

Please continue to follow the development of SeaTable. We are not short of ideas !

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Hello, I second the kudos and the request .

many thanks

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I think it should be “A format option” of a normal text column (like currency for numeric fields).

Plain text and passwords are very different when it comes to their treatment in the user interface:

  • Plain text can be sorted, passwords cannot
  • Plain text can be grouped, passwords cannot
  • A default value for plain text makes sense, same thing is not true for passwords

Hence, a potential “password” data type should not be a format option for the text column.

Anyway, there are no immediate plans for an extra column type passwords.

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