Common Dataset after base export/import

My institute uses a self-hosted SeaTable and provides Common Datasets of some central lists and information that we are using in our tables.

We want to regularly back-up our bases locally, but when we re-import the locally stored files, the common datasets are obviously unlinked and act as a normal table.
Re-adding the common dataset and re-creating all the link-columns is possible, but very tedious as our datasets are comparatively complex and integrated into some scripts which makes this also rather error prone.

My question: Is there a way after import to re-link the table to the common dataset or if not, is there another back-up strategy that retains the link?

Thank you very much in advance!

There is no such way at this moment.

I understand you need to regularly back-up the bases. But why do you need to regularly re-import the backed-up bases?

Thank you for your quick answer.

You are right in that I do not need to regularly re-import them. We just want a solid strategy to re-import them in case it is necessary because otherwise, the back-ups are not really helpful. But I guess in that case we just have to manually convert all the links back to the common dataset, which I guess I could also do via a script.

Thank you.

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