Compare integer with number of files

I need to check if the integer in a cell is equal to the number of files uploaded in another cell. Is it possible to achieve this with a formula?

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Sure, you can do that. You need four columns (you can also do it in three, but this is more transparent):

  1. number column for your integer
  2. file column for your files
  3. formula column with countitem() countitems() function
  4. formula column with if() function

Then you can also use condition cell formatting to highlight all cells in which the result of the if formula is a particular value.

Neat application!

Thanks for the solution, it works like a charm! The function turned out to be countitems() though and I was left scratching my head for a bit but it’s all good.

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Oh sorry, you are right.

Glad you figured it out.

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