Conditionnally show a picture


I would like my column picture to be filled automatically depending of the content of the other column.

I tried :

  1. create a new table with column picture and text
  2. link the 2 tables
  3. create automation…
    but it can not modify a linked record.

Any idea ?

If you have already created a link between the two tables, you can display the photo from the other table using the Link formula and the lookup function.
Is that what you want to do?

Thanks Felix,
Yes, I will use the lookup function but I can not add “if” condition on the initial table :slight_smile:

Trying to better explain :
Table 1 :
Column1(text) Column2(picture)
no picture
picture ???
no picture
no picture

Table 2 :
Column1(text) column2(picture)
picture :smiley:
no picture

I want :smiley: in lieu of ??? (ie each time it is written “picture” in Table1_col1)

Hi Remi,

you can use the condition in the lookup function for this:

I hope I understood you right :wink:

Thanks, yes that’s the good way I was thinking.
Unfortunately I would need the ‘Table 1’ (not ‘Table 2’) into the ‘Only lookup linked records that meet condition’ which is not possible.

That’s the reason I don’t see how to show picture depending content of an other column. (I also tried automation with no success)

ok, found it : in automation, I just need to use ‘add link’.

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