Context for Javascript base.context.currentRow


I love the scripting capabilities of Seatable. One quick suggestion. The base.context.currentRow is a very useful function for performing an action on the current row.

If I open a record from table A, then from the row details pop-up, I open a linked record row details pop-up to table B, I have buttons that trigger scripts that I would expect to work on the row from table B. However, the base.context.currentRow still references table A, so the script acts on the unintended table. It would be great if the context would change to the linked table in this case!

Thanks for the great tool. I’m on the self-hosted version 3.1.13.


We will check the issue.

Hi Peter, we took your feedback to heart and improved the context object. Your request was implemented in SeaTable 3.3. Do you care to test it?

Wow, fantastic, yes I tested it and it works, the buttons now act on the intended table. Thanks for the quick fix/enhancement.


Excellent. Thanks for the super fast turnaround!

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