Convert Link ID from N8N not working


I am using the Seatable Node in N8N to get some tables automatically exported to a csv.

Inside the node of N8N (self hosted) it is possible to activate the Option “Convert Link ID”:

But the result is an completely empty column. When the option is deactivated I am getting the IDs.

As far as I see N8N is using the right command (Line 290):

Does anybody has an idea how to solve this and get the text instead of the ID?


EDIT: Line

I’ve also recently had this issue. I have multiple columns with links and needed to solve it by having extra seatable nodes querying the ressources and merging them back together.
It was quite a painful and long process for something that I expected to be done by that option, actually.

Just a quick taste:

The subworkflows query each resource in turn, and in the end I assemble the data.

let objekt = $items("get Objekt")[0].json;

objekt["Wohnungseinheiten"] = $items("Assemble Wohnungseinheiten").map(item => item.json);
objekt["Garage / Stellplätze"] = $items("Assemble Garage / Stellplätze").map(item => item.json);
objekt["Grundrisse"] = $items("Assemble Grundrisse").map(item => item.json);

return objekt;

Maybe you can use a similar approach until this is fixed!

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Right now I don’t have a system to reproduce this at hand, but it sounds to me now with two confirmations that it should be reported upstream in the N8N issue tracker:

or alternatively in the community forums:

IIRC from SeaTable API use, the link / table relation can flip depending in which table the link was created. Perhaps it’s just an off-by-one error looking up the ID in the wrong table and then getting empty results, but as written, I can not reproduce this right now, sorry.

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Thank you.
@Markus: Great workaround, but I think it will get messy to fast for me…

@Tom: Thanks. Then I am assuming that the Code I mentioned is basically correct and the problem must be somewhere else. I´ve made an Issue for that in Github: Seatable Node: Convert Link ID not working · Issue #4155 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

FYI: The solution for this is currently waiting in a push request.

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Can you update here when it’s through? I might have to adjust my workaround :smiley:

Yes! It works. I found time now to apply the N8N Update and test ist. Works very well.

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