Copy PDF from PDF column to clipboard

Hey there!
Currently we are uploading PDF-files to a SeaTable-PDF-Column. This works just fine.

Most of the time I need to reply to an email and attach the PDF-file.
Currently I open SeaTable and download the file to the Desktop and copy it from there to the email reply. This is a little bit of a pain.

Is there a better solution to copy the PDF from the SeaTable Column directly to the clipboard? If that would work I could simply paste my file by strg+c and strg+v into the email.

Any solutions or workaround to this?

SeaTable can be integrated with the file sync and share solution Seafile.

You can save your file attachments in Seafile and then link them in a file column.

You cannot use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste files into a file column.