Copy seatable attachments to seafile

I would like to transfer attachments from seatable to seafile. Seafile is already connected and attachments are referenced via seafile API to a file column. Attachments added directly to the base should now go the other way around to my seafile to save storage in seatable.

I found the manual that says it works (Seafile integration - SeaTable Admin Manual) but also a forum issue that says seatable to seafile is not yet working (Seafile link to my seatable database).

Is seatable to seafile working? If yes, how?


Is anyone using seatable with seafile together?

According to the seafile forum this has never been possible most likely will not be implemented.

Too bad no one in this forum has replied so far since it is a documented feature in seatable, not seafile.

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Strongly agree with you, I use Seafile with SeaTable, too.
I think the file-share connection between Seafile and SeaTable is vital to their integrated system.
Sometimes, it is the product manager who create user’s demand instead of the user-self.

Hey vqui and Quant,
as far as I can tell the integration between SeaTable and Seafile is only used by a handful of users. Give me some time, I will clarify what the plans of this featre are and then report back.

For anyone interested in this. I wrote a script that migrates attachments to seafile and adds a link to the file to seatable.

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