Count of values in a column

We are looking for a formula to count the occurrences of certain text strings in a column.
Column {Title} = value “Adobe Photoshop” = count 1
How is that possible.

SeaTable supports quite some formulas (Formelreferenz - SeaTable), but there is no ready-to-use formula for your use.

I’m write a little Python script and run that by an automation everytime the source column is updated. In Python, counting strings in strings is trivial: Python String count()

This might probably help you:
If this is your base:

The following formula counts if Adobe Photoshop is found.

if(find("Adobe Photoshop", {Title}, 1)>0; 1, 0)

Is that what you mean?

To summarize, you have the SUM at the end of the page or you use data processing to sum up. Here is an explanation about this:
Data processing: Calculate cumulated values - SeaTable.

first thank for the quick responses and help! It’s good to see that there was a good community for seatable.

The formula goes in the right direction - but my problem was to count in a list of leads all rows with the identic title - to generate a clear ID of trainings.
We have an bunch of trainings with equal Title an SKU and generate a unique trainings-ID with combination of {Year}-{SKU}-Number. And for generating these number we search for the count of titles in these Year +1.
Actual these was done by an Excel formula, but we will change all these lists and Elements to seatable :wink:

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