Counting "selections" from multiple fields in each row

Does anyone know if and how it is possible to count how many times a given “choice” has been chosen in multiple single select fields?

In my example, I am trying to create a security score based on a 1-4 scale ( on different Security areas, Eg. backup, restore, access control, and more. Let’s say I have 20 different areas of which each has a score between 1-4. Now I want to sum up the score, but I would like to do so without creating 20 new columns with if statements that convert the single select to numbers, which I could then aggregate. That would be time-consuming and hard to maintain as I add new ones,

Basically, I want to do something like "count if any single select field in row = “Inadequate” " and then three similar ones for the other relevant choices in the single select.


You can use the switch() function.

This is my table:

This is the formula i used:

Simple enough, right? And pretty flexible too!

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Fantastic! It is the perfect solution!

Wonderful. I was hoping you’d say that.

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