Create a downloadable link on the fly for each element or file for third party applications inner loop

hey to all SeaTablers out there,
today’s request is a tough nut to crack. It refers to post (Image URL permission denied with API - #5 by tomt92).

Please see @cdb’s reply and come back here. The post is unfortunately closed, so a new topic. Background: I use AppGyver for app development. All data comes into the app via the SeaTable API.
Works great, but displaying images is giving me a headache at the moment.
How can I create a downloadable link on the fly for each element or file for third party applications inner loop? So as a list as you can see at these images.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-14 um 21.27.38

I would like
a) have a thumbnail for the left side and
b) a link to view the original image.

I hope it can be solved at all.

I need your help

1000 thanks in advance

This is the AppGyver Composer.

This is a screenshot from the app preview. Thanks for your support.

SeaTable is not intended to be an image or file backend service for your application data.

Serving images or files directly from SeaTable will lead to abuse of usage for the cloud service.

The recommended way is storing images or files in AWS S3 or something like that and add link to SeaTable.

You can also use cloud storage software like Seafile/Google Drive to store files, and generate public internal links for the files and store the links in SeaTable. So your application use the links directly.

The third way is to download the files/images from SeaTable in your server and build a cache for the files/images, and serve the files/images from your server. So the client will use the bandwidth of your server.

Hi @daniel.pan thanks for your response. what is your recommended workflow to sync these files 1:1 to a file server like AWS S3 or so.

If you want to first upload files to SeaTable then save to AWS S3, you can write a Python script to sync the files to AWS S3 and save the links to a file column. So you have two file columns, one to store the original files, one to store the links.

You can check the structure of cells of a file column:

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ok i have rebuilt the table so that i now have one line per document.

I want to build a workflow with Make by clicking the button. My question: What are the steps to generate the download link once?

I have no experience with Make. I think it is likely SeaTable plugin for Make can’t do complicated things. If this is the case, you need to write a Python script and the button should call the python script.