Create hyperlinks dynamically (formula or url column)

Hey Seatable Community,

I’m trying to link Seatable with an external JIRA ticketing system. Our table data contains, the ticket number and I want to dynamically create the hyperlinks to the external platform.

I can of course use a formula to concatenate the “base url” as string, with the ticket number into a string which is the correct link address, but this is not a clickable columns as in the “url” column type.

Is it possible to have a dynamic part in the url column type or is there a “hyperlink” formula, which allows to reference another column?

Thanks for your help

Hi @siax84.

I’d appreciate link formula, too. You could post your idea here:

Here what I’d try to do:
You could create a url column and put an automation rule trigger on it. When the content of that column was changed, the automation rule could run a javascript, append the ticket id to the url and overwrite it.

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I concur.

For now, this is what you have to do:

And is the right place for feature requests.

I take the liberty of marking this topic as solved.

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Thanks both for the replies. I realize with the Schaltfläche / Button column I can do exactly this.
Could still be handy as a formula function with return type “url”, but that I can do it with a Button is already great!

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