Creating a calculator for employees with universal app

we want to build a quotation calculator for our employees.
After selecting a training (from a table), the price of the training is added and supplemented by up to three additional optional sales items.
In addition, a percentage discount can be added for each of these sales items.
Then cost factors are added (up to 5 pieces) and the employees receive the contribution margin for the training as a result of formula. Depending on cost factors and contribution margin, sales and costs can be adjusted and a total discount can be transferred.
I.e. but the employees must have input fields for the sales items and costs and at the same time see calculated values for the total costs and for the contribution margin in order to then adjust the calculation.

The question is whether something like this is possible with the Universal App - so that employees don’t always have to go through a table for input. Because with the many fields and the display of all calculations as a row, it is a bit “confusing”.

Bye Thomas

Sure, just create a web formular in an app for data input and the calculation output on a different table page.

The procedure is clear, but it complicates the calculation because in the calculation process - depending on the entered costs - prices and discounts must be adjusted and thus immediately visible.

Then the advantage of the visually “facilitated” entry in the web form is not so great.
It would be perfect if already calculated values could be displayed in the form. Then it is already possible to react with e.g. additional discounts during the input.

I see. Currently I assume the table is your only option.

This will be possible in the future.

In one of the next releases, we’ll add a new page type optimized for this kind of job.

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This seems to be a great new feature!

Yes, that sounds great!

If I understand correctly, you want the form page in an app to be able to display formula fields before the data is actually submitted into the server. Is it correct?

more or less in that direction - yes.
It should be possible that the inputed values fills formular cells.
Like f.e. with form-editors Advanced Mortgage Calculator Template - Formidable Forms
The actual problem is that for a calculator you must have both - input values and direct calculated values (or a way to see it directly beneath each other).

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