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Hello. I have 2 tables in Seatable spreadsheet. One is Contacts and the other is Interactions. A column in Interactions table is a pull up( linked) of Names column in Contacts table. Each time I have an Interaction with someone in the Contacts table I go to the , Interactions table and log the Interactions, linking that Interactions to that person. So I want a scenario whereby each time I log an Interactions in Interactions table, A column called Last Contacted in the Contacts table is automatically filled with last date of the Interactions with that person. Can you help me do that? Maybe with formula

Hi @Kingsley.

You can use the column type “link formula” for it.
The “findmax” formula will show you the latest value of all linked records from the interactions table.

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Thanks it did work.

I noticed that freezing of first column in Mobile version isn’t possibe.
Is that the app behavior?

Also, if possible, a column type for phone could be made available. So that one can directly call,send sms or Whatsapp directly to a contact from seatable.
Email column type is available.
So I think that phone column type could also be made available.

I noticed that formatting option in Long Text column type isn’t available in mobile. It is only web version that allows formatting of text.

Is there automation in the seatable?

Please open a new topic for new questions.

You can post feature requests at

Additionally, please consult the SeaTable Docs at Help - SeaTable. You’ll find plenty info about automations.

Couldn’t find the seatable docs for automation tips

Here you can find an overview about automations in SeaTable.

Please note, automations are only available from the Enterprise version.

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