Creating new linked records from searching existing records doesn't work

When I’m opening a record to view its values and see linked records and I try to first link an existing record from another table and not find any, I want to add it as a new linked record. when clicking add new record it opens the form to enter values but when trying to enter anything it closes immediately.

Hi florins,

can you please tell me which version of SeaTable and also which browser you are using?

I could not reproduce the described issue.

Hey fsa,

I’m using Seatable Cloud and the issue was present in both Safari and Chrome.

I should specify, the issue arises when trying to select from a single select field.

When entering something in a text field the popup doesn’t close, but as soon as i try to select from single select it closes and the values are not saved.

thanks for the clarification, I was able to recreate the issue now. I will forward the issue to our developers.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you yet how quickly we can fix the issue. Meanwhile, please just use the “Add record” function.

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