Cross-base column linking possible?

Hi all,

simple question:

I know you can link column C1 in table T1 in base B1 to column C1 in table T2 in base B1.
Can you somehow also link C1 in T1 in B1 to C1 in T1 in B2?

I mean - can you build cross-base links? That would be awesome for our use case!!

Thanks a lot


Yes, you can!

The feature is called common dataset (CDS). And this is how it works:
1.) You create a CDS for a particular view in a group-owned base (it doesn’t work for personal bases)
2.) You grant access to the CDS to the groups you wish have access via the CDS administration (menu item on the left on the home screen)
3.) In a base, you import the CDS in a new table.

Currently, CDS only support manual sync, meaning you have to click “Resync CDS” in the table’s context menu to resync the imported data with the source data. In SeaTable 2.8, scheduled for end of the month, CDS will also support automatic sync.

Importandt: When using CDS, data only flows in one direction. It’s not possible to write data into the source table from the imported table.

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