CSS for Hosted Seatable

Is there any hidden setup in the hosted version for adjusting the CSS of the UI? The orange is very … uhm … “loud”. Or maybe a less flashy theme to choose. Ya well … it’s not “important” … just a wish, contributing to my mood after hours of work. Thx, Hagen

Hi, yes, you can use custom CSS for your self hosted SeaTable.

The settings are not hidden! Just navigate to your “System administration” and you’ll find the CSS dialogue in the Settings.

Alternatively, you can do this with the console. See here to find out how:
Custom CSS - SeaTable Admin Manual

thx … but I was asking about the „hosted“ … not the „self-hosted“ version. The SAAS Version.

OK, you mean the cloud version.

It is currently not possible to customize the look for the cloud version, sorry! Even if you have an Enterprise subscription which has “advanced customizing”, the color is still not one of its many customizing possibilities!

In SeaTable 2.8, which is roughly a month out, the base header will have the same color as the base icon on the personal homepage.
Hence, if you don’t like the orange ribbon atop the table editor, go back to the homepage, switch the color, et voilà!


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