CSV import via API, comma as decimal separator not working

I just tried to upload a csv to an existing table. Everything works as expected, except for a number column.
The column uses comma as separator. The csv also has comma as separator for that field. Unfortunately this field is not imported. When I remove the comma or replace it with a dot, it is working just fine. It’s funny that the values have a comma in the table then. :slight_smile:
All other columns are imported and there is no error message. The API returns {"success":true}.

Any way to work around this?

This happens on the cloud and on premise with EE 4.1.9.
I am using the /synchronous-import/append-excel-csv-to-table/ API endpoint.

A solution could be to first convert the CSV file into an Excel (.xlsx) format before importing.

Excel handles commas within fields better than CSV, so converting to Excel format should prevent the commas from being interpreted as delimiter characters. Once in Excel format, you can import into SeaTable without the commas confusing the field separation.

Is it possible for you?

I solved it by making the source export the csv with a dot. Converting to xlsx should never be a solution to this. :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is related to the comma beeing interpreted as a column delimiter. All following columns are imported correctly. I think this is issue is that seatable always works with a dot internally.
Also it just ignores it, silently drops it and returns a success message instead of an error or warning.

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