Currencies for formulas

simply add the ability to convert the result into currencies

In SeaTable 1.5, which will be released soon, you’ll be able to set the precision of the formula result. The option to convert a numerical result into a currency value is not on the development plan yet. This said, we are trying to implement as many of these little changes as possible as we go along.

but if I add 12,2 euro and 10 euro together then I want euro and not 22.2. I want 22,2 euro

Your math is flawless! You are right.

And: As it turns out, I was wrong. In SeaTable 1.5, you’ll be able to set the number format of a numerical result in a formula column to either number, percent or Dollar/Euro/Yuan. The screenshot below is from our test system where SeaTable 1.5 is already deployed:

This said: This is just formatting. This is not a validation. Hence you’ll also be able to do this:

If you don’t see what I mean, look at the currency symbols!

yes that is what i ment. Nice.

But one problem 1€ and 2 $ are not 3¥. Its 21 yuan.

I tend to disagree: 1€ and 2$ are not 21Yuan, nor 20 or 22Yuan. Dollars and Euro are not additive, just like apples and oranges are not additive!

Anyway, point here is: SeaTable’s currency symbols are merely prefixes without any further interpretation. Their purpose is graphical, not numerical. SeaTable disregards them in formulas.

Btw, Excel does it just the same way:

Please mark this feature request as solved once SeaTable 1.5 is out.

excel do this im a supid way you can make an option to calc the right amount