Custom app add logo and header in webform

i use SeaTable enterprise

I have a form in my custom app and would like to customise the color at the top. It displays a top bar in Seatable orange. It would be nice to be able to add our logo there. Is this at all possible? I can’t see anywhere to change the settings.

You can change the colour scheme “Farbschema”, than the bar gets a different colour

Or even add a picture at the top

Hi, you are talking about the normal form settings. I am talking about creating a form within a custom app. Those settings are missing.

Indeed, however, you can create a webform and link it in the app and then you fill in the url of the app as a page to return to.

You can adjust the color of the entire Universal app in the app settings under Icons and theme colors.

You do not have the same setting options in the Universal app as in the web form. This means that a logo, for example, cannot be integrated.

Hi felix,

I used the settings to change the colour of the app but it does not affect the top bar in the web form.

Hi, okay, that seems like a possibility, but I personally prefer the neatness of having a form and a second results page in the one app. I want the users to be able to see their results. I ahve, however, inserted a logo in the “help” text body section. i can live with the orange top bar.

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