Data from Seatble Databank/Cloud does not synch with Application Data yet again


i already did a post 18 days ago regarding the upstanding topic that our cloud version of seatable does not synch the new Data in the Databank with the Universal App Builder.

I already talked about that topic with a developer and he confirmed, that this is a bug or a seatable server issue.

I can explain it like following:
When i put Data from our Databank i except it to synch with the Data in the App Builder and if want to create a new “Project”, i can not use the new/current data, the data is always in the past and somehow does not synch.

So that is leading to the fact that i can not use the “Filter” Function to create new Folders or Sites in the App Builder.

Is there someway to get a call with a Seatable Advisor, to have a look over that “bug”?

Thanks in advance!

Dear user,

I am sorry, but I can not follow your explanations: what do you mean with sync? Common dataset? Why is it not possible to use a Filter? Please end us screenshots or even better a screen capture.

Regarding your former support request: you created a topic in this forum 18 days ago and Felix asked you to provide more information, which did not happen. We closed the issue due to inactivity.

Yes the topic from 18 days ago got closed because i could solve it myself with a developer colleague.

We thought everything was fixed, but the problem appeared again and after checking the problem we could not find any fix to the issue.

With Synch, i mean the Synchronisation with the Data in the Databank to the Universal App Builder.

As you can see in the following Screenshots i can not find any of the “new customers” when i want to use the Filter in the “Universal App Builder”.

It even still shows some old projects, which already got deleted.

When the app is opened, while you do some changes in the base, you need to reload the app first.

Thanks! I already did that :slight_smile:

This “Bug” occurs, still even after loggin in and out/reloading website etc.

Please create an invite link for your base and send this to Then I will have a look.

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Ive sent you an E-Mail.