Data in webhook is empty when form is submitted

I created webhook because I want to get the data of the form that’s creating a new line.
There is an event when the raw is created, but with no data (like it’s an empty raw).
So how can I get the data?

Hi, I’m sorry to say that I cannot reproduce the problem you mentioned。 The webhook request body is something like below when there are modifications in the table. And I test it in my webhook, everything looks fine.

{'event': 'update', 'data': {'dtable_uuid': '44b3b8190ad346e5ad842ca9bdeb7364', 'row_id': 'bUokADkYR0OW1Zcnb6YuGw', 'op_user': '87d485c2281a42adbddb137a1070f395@auth.local', 'op_type': 'insert_row', 'op_time': 1692600306.937, 'table_id': '0000', 'table_name': 'Table1', 'row_count': 1, 'row_name': '', 'row_name_option': '', 'row_data': []}}

A webhook always has this structure:

Please post your code how you try to receive the value from the webhook.