Database corrupted in the backup but files are ok

Hi everyone,

So I messed up my database backup for Seatable and I have one month of corrupted DB backups…

Is it possible to restore the content of the bases when the database is missing? I have the seafile-data directory and all the files are ok.

I tried setting up a new instance and overwriting everything besides cnet, conf, db-data and logs. Starting the containers and then run

docker exec -it seatable /opt/seatable/scripts/ restore-all

But when I login I see no bases.

Is it even possible to restore the data without the original database? Please say yes…

Thanks in advance

Based on the lack of answers, I’m guessing it’s not possible to restore the data. Should I just suck it up and move on?

It is not possible to restore the bases without the database right now.

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