Database model structure

I’m trying to use something like GitHub - o1lab/xmysql: xmysql is now to generate my own set of APIs from the mysql db. I can’t seem to find though which tables are used to store the sheet data.
In the dtable_db i see the dtables and workspaces there. I also see a list of activities where changes are made. I can’t figure out though where are the rows and columns stored along with the column configs. Can anyone help me out?

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Have you already taken a look to the SeaTable API Reference? Hopefully there could be some useful information for you.

Hi I’ve been using the API. I’m asking about the mysql db structure.

e.g View

This lists columns and rows in an API but I can’t seem to find any table in the mysql called columns or rows or anything.

My goal is to generate my own set of APIs as the current set of APIs provided are a bit limited. I want to be able to do things like full joins etc across workspaces and tables

I understand. I’m not sure this will help, but I’d post it here anyway:
Data structure - SeaTable Scripts Programming Manual

I took a look and it doesn’t really help. My data is quite complex and the scripts are too restrictive as I intend to do a lot of joins across tables.
I need to be able to make my data from the mysql data generated.

  1. Where is the primary table, row and coumns data being stored in the mysql database. The activities table contains a log of all modifications and inserts but i don’t see any other data that would give me a complete view of my data like the excel file i just ingested.

  2. Where is the link to other tables data being stored?

SeaTable is itself a database. So it does not use MySQL to store the database data. The bases are stored using a special format in the disk.