Dates different by one day in App compared to Base - same data


I have a base where I log my work - I’m self employed.

I enter the fields: date - start time - end time - project (link) and a note. I use duration to enter hrs:min for start and end time. This all works fine.

I have created a Universal App so I can enter data on my phone with a form or check my logs. For some reason the date on the App, for every entry, is one day less than the date on the Base!

If I modify the date using the App, then the date in the Base changes, but it is still one day different! Or if I modify the date in Base, the App changes.

I created a new App and added the table of time logs. The data difference remains.

Why would this be? It makes no sense to me. The App is reading from the Base!

I hope you can help.


Hi Tom,

So the date entries in the Universal App are always one day before the date in the Base?

So if you enter 31.01.2024 in the app, the date appears in the app, but 01.02.2024 is displayed in the base?

Which format do you use in the date column, and which sorting is active?

And finally, which SeaTable version are you using?

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, the App is one day before the Base.

I tried out your example - entering 31.1.2024 in the App. It enters fine. When I refresh the App page it goes back one day in the App. One the Base it is as entered 31.1.2024. This suggests it is something to do with how the App displays the data in the Base.

I’m using Euro date format dd/mm/yyyy

Sort is Date - Up in the Base. No sorting in the App.

I’m using Seatable Cloud - I think it automatically upgrades to latest version 4.1.9.

Where are you based? Which timezone?


Are you thinking British Summer Time adjustment? Good thought!

I’m not sure where any settings might be for that though.


Morning (or at least it is where I am),

Any further ideas on this?


So, a little more exploring this issue:

  • When I enter a date on the app, it is recorded accurately on the base
  • When I view any date using a table page in Universal App then ALL the dates are one day behind the actual dates in the base.

I now realise my comment on ‘maybe it is a British Summer Time’ adjustment was nonsense -BST is one hour not one day! :slight_smile:

I can create a workaround - make field which is DATE+1 and use this to view the dates in Universal App instead of the actual dates. Not ideal though as I will have to do it for every date field :frowning:

Any insights most welcome.

We will check the issue.

This is caused by the timezone different of your browser and the server.

The issue will be fixed in version 4.4.

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