Default value "current date" for date field in webform shows "Invalid Date"


the subject basically says it all. :slight_smile:

I would love to present the current date to whoever fills the form. I am using DD.MM.YYYY in the field. Is that the issue?


Unfortunately, the subject did not say it all. :wink: Please provide a complete set of info including product (SeaTable Cloud, SeaTable Server) and SeaTable version (< 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, …) . For more, see Read before you post in User Talk

Please mind the screenshots from Seatable Cloud (Free). I guess it is still version 3.2.x.
It’s the same with EE 3.3.7 On-Premise.

Link to the form: SeaTable Cloud

Apparently all date formats work, except the german one.

Thanks for the complete info.

I confirm the bug. Will be fixed in SeaTable 3.4.

Thanks @rdb.
Since you are already at it… Version 3.3 broke European date format. Check the link I posted earlier.

Please see here:

You marked the topic as solved. Not sure what you mean.

@rdb, sorry I totally lost this topic. Unfortunately the issue with “invalid date” is still present with 3.4. Selecting the current date is not working when using german date format.

I don’t know why you came up with the comma topic to be honest. :slight_smile:

This is still an issue with 3.5.

And also, if you choose current date as a dynamic field in Page Designer and choose German Date format it is still printed as standard date in the PDF.

It’s still not working with version 4.0. Tested on hosted version only.

Is it really that unnecessary or hard to implement? This is not even a new feature it is clearly a bug.

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Sorry for missing the bug. It will be fixed in version 4.1.

I can’t reproduce the issue with latest version. I suggest you try with a new base after version 4.1 is released. If you still have the problem, please send me the link of the base that can reproduce the problem.

And another problem with the date format (the date format is set to “Germania - Russia”).

When filling out the form, April 4 is indicated by default instead of July 7, when the “Current date” parameter is set. Tested, including in the cloud version.

Hi, by “latest version” you mean your current development branch? Because I can clearly reproduce this with the latest Enterprise Version and also in the Cloud Version.

By the way, a fix with recreating a base is not acceptable. I guess you too don’t want to recreate a base with thousands of rows, tables, views etc. :wink:

Public form to reproduce with current version: SeaTable Cloud

I mean the current development branch. But we haven’t changed related code in the development branch.

Can you share the base (or a base that can reproduce the issue) with me via private message?

I can reproduce the issue. It will be fixed in version 4.1.

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You’ve got mail. :wink:

There is no “invalid date” in the form in the shared base:

Yes there is. :smiley:

This is the screenshot from this form just a couple of seconds ago.

Same on my mobile phone.

I guess this won’t be that easy to fix, will it? I guess this is location and localization related.

Getting an invalid date value too :smile: