Default value of a single select column is not assigned when row added by a form

I’ve got a base that has one single choice column with a default value.
This value is correctly added when I create manually a row in the base
However, it’s not the case if a line is created by a webform.
I have to put the field with its default value assigned and to disallow its modification, to be sure it appears well in the table.
I reproduced that in a fresh new base.

Can you fix that ?

Seatable DE 3.5 there

This is no bug.

Please see this very recent discussion: How to add date of submission when a webform is submitted - #4 by rdb

For a date, i can get it, but for the default value of a column, like a status, i really don’t get why this choice was made.
So counter intuitive for me.
Could you think of adding a trigger in the webform that fills default values ??

In the form editor, you can define default values for these column types:

With the exception of the collaborator column, it’s the same column types for which you can define default values in the base editor.
Having different default values in the base editor and the form editor may be counter-intuitive (for you), but it gives you a lot of flexibility when creating your use cases.

I don’t get why two column types should be treated differently. Wouldn’t that cause maximum confusion?

You can indeed define a default value , but only if you add this item to the form.
For a status like ‘new’, that’s strange to display.

And for the 2 behaviors, I agree also that should be the same everywhere, but I could understand that a date would not be set by default.

It is correct that the fields have to be added to the form for the default value to be applied.

You can add a feature request to “Add option to hide field in form when default is set” (or similar)

Might I suggest it would be a good idea to allow for invisible fields in the webform builder? That way Ben can assign the default “new” in the webform but it would not be displayed in the frontend form. I know many form builders that allow this functionality. What do you think @Ben ? Should that be also added to the ideas forum?

@webdienste Indeed, that would be a perfect solution.
Still I think its counter intuitive to have a webform filling a table without default values that are supposed to be added by default to every line

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