Default values are not loaded for submissions via the web form

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I created a new base and unlocked parts of it by entering it through a web form. Values ​​that are not part of the web form can sometimes be provided with a default value. But: If the row is generated via this web form, the default values ​​are not inserted.
By generating a column directly in the Base via “+” the default values appear as exepcted.

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This is the desired behavior. Default values defined in the base editor are only used in the base editor.

Default values for the form must be set in the form editor as shown below:

Many thanks for your fast feedback.
Unfortunately my problem is not solved according to your proposal. The value is not visible in the web form, cause it is a internal value which is used for every submission by the team to categorize afterwards. Therfor setting a default value in the web form does not work, cause default values from hidden fields are not submitted.
Another idea would be using automations, but maybe there is a more clever way?

I see!

You are right, an automation is the way to go. And, actually, I think this is a pretty clever way :wink:

I just tried to solve the problem with automations, but unfortunately without success:
I want to fill 2 fields automatically:

  1. “Einfachauswahl” should be set to “Ungelesen” when a new data-set is submitted via web-form. My problem here is, that “Hinzugefügte Einträge” does not allow the action of changing a value in the automation rules.
    We are using this field as a status field like “Ungelesen”, “in Bearbeitung”, “Erledigt”. New data-sets which are submitted via web-form should always be “Ungelesen”.
  2. The scond field is a “formated text”, which is not avaialabe for automations. We want add the same text for every data-set which is submitted via web-form. We are using this field to make notes in this checklist It is alsways the same check-list.
    Thanks in advance for additional help.

I see the problem. We’ll fix it in the future.
This said, there’s a little “hack” you can use to make it work:

Set the event to “Records meet specific conditions after modification” and define the “Set record to” action as required. Save the automation. Open the automation again and set the event to “Records added”. Done.

This is a hard restriction in the webinterface. You’ll have to write a little Python script to make it work.

Thanks a lot for your help.
It was the first time for me asking a question here, and I appreciated the fast and detailed answering.

Glad it was a good experience!

I took the liberty of marking this topic as solved.

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