Deployment to Azure

Is it supported to deploy seatable as platform as a service in azure cloud (through azure container registry) ? if yes can you share manual step to do so.

@daniel.pan: Could you answer that?

I don’t know what you mean by “platform as a service in azure container registry”. You can deploy SeaTable use docker as described in our manual, which is very easy.

you will find the details here in that link :-

what i need to know how to deploy to azure, can we use the steps in that link (that have azure container registry which is ( is a private Docker registry in Azure where you can store and manage private Docker container images) or we must create virtual machine in azure and setup seatable in there ?

We don’t support private Docker registry yet and there are some manual steps needed in deploying SeaTable docker. So you have to create virtual machine in azure and setup seatable.

OK dear well noted , and thanks for your kind support.