Did the UI just fundamentally change?

I cant seem to input Data in tables in the same way i used to be able to just yesterday. Did i miss some kind of major update that changed the user interface?

Specifically: I cant input any data directly in the field from this view


I seem to only be able to open the field in full screen view and edit it from there

Browser: Google Chrome

Since i can only attach one image as a new user here is the second associated screenshot

No update and we did not fundamentally change the UI either.


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Are you using any extension (such as an AdBlock) that has the ability to interfere with the UI?

I had problems in the past with other software because of that and had to adapt or disable some parts of the extension.

If not, you might try to CTRL + F5 or use another browser to see if the error still occurs.

(I’m not affiliated with SeaTable.)

Good luck!

Have a nice time you all!

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