Difference between Webhook and Make automation


I’m a beginner with automation. I don’t quiete well understand when it’s better to use a webhook and when an automation.

For exemple, I’m used to work with Notion to manage projects and dairy activity. But I work with Seatable to manage financial datas. Sometimes, I need to send datas from Notion to Seatable. For example, everytime I create a new deliver partner. Or eveytime I update this information. Because there is no Seatable integration module in Notion, I must use Make. Am I right ?

Some other times, I need to update information from Seatable to Notion, for example the total order amount made with a specific deliver partner. in that case, which is the best solution ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

I think you already have quite a good understanding of what you can do with automations platforms like make.com, n8n.io or zapier.com. These platforms let you define Automations where you have to define the Trigger and the Actions.

Trigger could be a new row in notion or in SeaTable. The action could be to send the data to the other software.

These automation platforms try to support you as much as possible. Usually you don’t have to understand the underlying data structure or the API endpoints, you just drag-and-drop your automation into life.

Webhook on the contrary require much more skills: you will only receive the new or updated information from SeaTable and you have to program what you want to do with this information.

So why should you use a webhook instead of an automation if it is more work and not that easy. The only reason I can think of is reaction time. A webhook is a “push”, meaning immediately after the change happened, the webhook is sent.
The automations ask only every x minutes for new information. This is called “pull” and has a small time gap.

Does this make sense?

Best regards

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Hello Christoph

Many thanks for your answer. You confirm my understanding. In some cases, Webhook is more adapted to the need.

Unfortunately, I’m not a coder, just know basic codes Html, Css, Php… Does it exist a kind of wiki where I could learn basics codes to build simple tools ?

Well, for the moment I continue to learn Seatable, apparently a very good tool.

Thanks again Christoph
Have a nice day

If you want to improve your coding skills, I could recommend to you https://codewithmosh.com/. It is not free but worth every dollar.

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