Different Results with formels in Base/App

Hello @all,

I have tried to output results from a formula that is calculated correctly in Base also in an app. Unfortunately, the formula seems to want to calculate the value differently in the app. The results are at least different.

I am trying to create a resource management with SeaTable.
Users can book a resource fully automatically via a formula. For this, a data record with the corresponding resource and date is created in a booking table.
In a resource table, there is a 1:n relationship between the resource and the date, whereby there is only one record for each resource and there are several entries in the Date field.
In an auxiliary column, a formula is used to check whether a specific date exists in order to output the resource as used for this day. This also works perfectly.
However, the formula cannot display the results in the app because the date column is not loaded completely or has different contents than in the base.
Is the problem known or does the app work differently than the base?

Hello Easii,

The backend of the universal app is always your base, respectively, the corresponding table. It is therefore unlikely that different values will appear.

However, there is a difference between the Base and the Universal App Builder:

Due to technical restrictions, the Base in the browser works with Javascript, so changes are displayed directly. The UAB runs on the server, so there are no direct updates, e.g. in your calculations.

Have you tested if your use case works when you reload the page after entering your data?

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Hey fsa,

unfortunately, I am shown different data at one point.
I link the Booking Table and the Resources Table using the “Link to other entries” functions. This writes the dates from the booking table into the field “booked” in the resource table.
Using the “find” function, I now search in an auxiliary column whether a certain date is available in “booked”. If it is available, a numerical value is output, if not, the field remains empty.
This way I can see in an extra view exactly which resources are free on which day and which are booked.
This works in Base, but not in the app - the formula does not find the contents of “booked” and always outputs only empty fields.

In order to avoid formatting problems, I have tried to form a string from “booked”. In this case, however, the formula for the string is not calculated correctly in the app and the values from “booked” are not displayed in the string.

It seems that the dates are not correctly transferred from the booking table to the resource table when it comes to the app. In Base, as I said, everything works.


could you please send me a screen capture of this?
Then I can look at the case and try to reproduce that behavior.


on the Screenshot you can see the booking table and “Desk” as the resource table.

Column “Today” displays the date of today and “Today Suche” is basicaly useing “find” to look for the Value of “Today” in “Gebucht”.

Please post the formula you use in column “Today suche”.

Hey rdb,

its quit simple:


i only need a any value as result so that i can filter for “empty” to get all resources that are not booked.

Please use a link formula column of type findmax or rollup. Then compare the result with today().

Hey rdb,

it seems to work perfectly.

Thank you very much!

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Excelllent! Thanks also for markng the issue as solved.

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