Display data from another table based on frist row

Hey there ! I got a pretty simple problem, but somehow I’m stuck with an easy solution to this. I hope somebody could help me out of my pitty. I seems to be easy in excel, but in SeaTable I can’t figure it out.

I got two tables “sold” and “keys”. The table “sold” is filled in realtime with sold “license_keys” and further information like “product”, “payment” and “date”. The second table contains all “keys” (also the sold ones). The columns “product”, “payment” and “date” are initally emtpy (in the keys-sheet) until a key is sold. If a key is sold, I want to display the information ( “product”, “payment” and “date”) from the “sold” table in the “keys” table.

I would need a solution without a (manual) trigger.

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You can use the “auto add link” automation. It creates a link between the table “sold” and “keys”. The columns “product”, “payment” and “date” int he “keys” table are then link formula columns (type lookup).

Please note that automations are only available in SeaTable Cloud Enterprise (or, when your are a self-hoster, in SeaTable Server Enterprise).

Hey rdb !
Thanks for you fast response.

This solution worked for me!
I did’nt know it’s that easy!

I was wondering, is there also a solution with the column type “formula”? Like e.g. “vlookup”

SeaTable does not have a function comparable to vlookup (in German: sverweis). Keep in mind, SeaTable has a spreadsheet interface, but it is a database.
PS: I took the liberty to modify your post a bit.

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