Displaying Value of Linked Record

Hello, I have a record form Table ( DOC Produce ) is linked to Table ( Sold ).

Since we are unable to use formula for 1st row, I use date as 1st column and use formula to create an ID for 2nd row column ( Hatch ID ) as shown below.

However, when I try to link Hatch ID from “Sold” Table, I wasn’t seeing Hatch ID in the record preview as shown below.

When I click the “row detail” , Hatch ID is displayed.

May I know if there is any way i could make Hatch ID to appear in the preview of Linked Record?

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The “Add link” wizard does not display formula and link formula columns. This is the current behavior and cannot be configured.

@daniel.pan Are there plans to allow the formula column in the first row? And can formula and link formula columns be shown in the “Add link” wizard?


As you can already select a formula column to display in a linked cell, there is no need to use formula column in the first row.

In the “add link” dialog and “linked records” dialog, we will add the feature to display formula result.

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I’m commenting because I’ve run into the same situation as @htoolin.

Technically speaking, is there any downside to allowing the formula in the first row?

I mean, implementing this possibility could bring a lot of structural problems in the SeaTable code?

Thank you for your help, your attention, and your time!

I’m sorry for any inconvenience!

For example, when displaying the name of a row in operation log or in deletion history, using a formula need to calculate it on the fly, which is complex.

using formula on 2nd column is workable as well. however, it will be very helpful if formula is able to be displayed on “add link” dialog or “linked record” dialog. if not, it is quite difficult to in choosing the correct row.

Understood, thank you for you the explanation! :slight_smile:

This will be improved in the coming SeaTable 2.6.0 version, which will be online in 2 - 3 weeks of time!

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